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What is that, Siri who?

Siri is Apples digital personal assistant built-in voice control, that allows you to operate your Apple device by voice. You can ask Siri to do things for you, such as send and compose e-mails, text messages, set alarms, update your calendar, browse the Internet, make to-do lists, ask about the weather forecast for the day and the week or find an available table at a restaurant nearby and much more. A good example of a technology that gathers large amounts of personal data and simplifies the processes in our everyday lives.

You can also ask Siri what is the world's tallest dog or what 30 U.S. dollars are in euro. Siri can give you answers to many things, and the amounts of possibilities in the voice commands are extremely impressive and futuristic.

Siri also seems to have its own personality and a dry sense of humor. If you for example ask: Will you marry me? The Answers from Siri: Oh, I bet you say that to all your Apple products.