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Can I use Siri for my iPad 2?

It is not possible to run Siri on the iPad 2, even though it supports iOS6 and has the same hardware also found in newer Apple products. There has been a great chat about whether Siri will be available for iPad 2 or not, many waited anxiously for Apple's iOS6 update that was released in September 19th. 2012, which among other things also had some new improvements to Siri such as improved map function, application management and new languages, but the update didn’t bring Siri for iPad 2.

There has also been much talk about the hardware in the iPad 2, which many believe is a possible reason for why you can not run Siri for iPad 2, the hardware among other things, consists of a dual-core A5 chip, which also is found in the iPhone 4s and the iPad Mini, both of these have Siri, so the A5 processor can not be the reason for why Siri doesn’t run on your iPad 2. If you compare the iPhone 4S, which is the first Apple product to hit the market with Siri, there will occur perhaps more questions because the A5 processor as mentioned before both is found in the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, the A5 processor contains the noise-canceling technology Audience which most likely is designed to improve Siri, so one can only ask more questions.

One thing is certainly for sure and this is that Apple most likely will integrate Siri in many of their newest products, so if you sit with an 'older' Apple device, such as iPad 2 and would like to have Siri, then you will realistically need to upgrade.