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How to set up Apples Siri to match your needs

For the first-time set up of your Apple product, you had the opportunity to enable Siri, it may be that you have turned Siri off at this time, note that this part of the set up would not have been shown on your screen if you didn't have an Apple product which Supports Siri. If you don’t find Siri in the menu under your settings, then try to activate Siri, follow these steps on the website, how to activate Siri.

Siri first time set up on screen:

How to set up Siri, point after point:

1) Start by choosing Settings -> General -> Siri

Under the menu on your Siri settings, switch Siri to 'On' Also select the default language you want to use from the choices available to you, select whether you want "Voice Feedback" by default it is set to "On" which we also recommend. If you deselect Voice Feedback, you will only be able to use Siri if you use a handsfree solution such as a bluetooth headset.

The “My Info” setting, it is important to let Siri know who you are, the more information you have have filled in your personal contact profile, the better Siri can assist you, i.e. your phone number, your email, your home address etc. (therefore you must set up yourself as a contact person). If you have added your mom under your own contact profile, you can say "Call mom" then Siri automatically figures out which number to call. So If you tell Siri more information about your relationships, for example. "Jennifer is my wife" or "Peter is my brother" then you can also tell Siri, "text my brother" or "Call my wife", then Siri will do it for you, by your command.

"Raise to Speak" function, this setting means that you can activate Siri when you hold the phone to your ear when you talk, or you can set it up so that you always have to press and hold the home button if you want talk to Siri.