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How to activate Siri on your Apple device

It is actually quite simple how to activate Siri, the question is whether you have checked how your settings are set up, either it may be that you have not activated Siri, or maybe you have not enabled Siri.

So how to do it? you can start by checking: settings -> General -> Siri:
Check if Siri is on (button must be on blue)

To learn how to activate Siri, you can read more about it here. After you have activated Siri, you simply hold down the Home button. When you hear two beeps tones, you can ask Siri almost about anything.

A few seconds of silence after you have spoken to Siri, Siri detects that you are finished by asking, and then Siri treats your query. You can also set Siri to start when you hold the phone up to your ear. When there is noise in the background, then Siri cannot always detect that you are finished talking.